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Here are the questions we are going to cover:

What bankruptcy is designed for? Who will benefit from it?


Here you will find out about the basic aspects of bankruptcy: what types of bankruptcy suit for your circumstances and how to file for it.

Differences between bankruptcy Chapters

You fill find a clear and comprehensive explanation what the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 (also Chapters 12 and 13) are. With this clear vision, you will have no chance to fail.

The process of filing for bankruptcy

filing for bankruptcy

This process requires accuracy and deep understanding of bankruptcy’s nuances. We will guide you step-by-step and instruct you about every paper needed to start a process. There will be no need to scroll through hundreds of Internet pages in order to find a simple and clear guide.

Consequences of filing for bankruptcy

We will explain and warn you about all possible pitfalls and consequences of filing for bankruptcy. You will understand what you should expect for and be ready to after your bankruptcy is confirmed by the court.

Myths about bankruptcy

Myths about bankruptcy

We will debunk widespread myths about filing for bankruptcy in order to let you see the real picture of financial and social aspects of going bankrupt.

Our mission is to make this subject easy to understand by anyone. By reading our pages you will save your money which you would have to spend on a lawyer for getting a consultation and advice from him. Since you are armed with knowledge, you will maximize your chances for a successful bankruptcy case.

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