Must-do things before filing for bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy never arrives just out of the blue. Good and thorough preparation is everything in terms of chances for success in this process. Not only filing for bankruptcy takes times and your psychological resources, but also it requires you to spend money either for counseling or for the bankruptcy lawyer,Continue reading

Filing for bankruptcy: avoid mistakes and get your petition approval!

Filing for bankruptcy is sometimes a long and stressful process, requiring your full attention and accuracy in everything: from filling the forms to calculating the income, expenses, and debts. Needless to say, but a single mistake may cost you a refusal from the U.S. court. As a result you will be banned from the possibilityContinue reading

How to file for bankruptcy without the attorney?

Filing for bankruptcy may turn into the challenging and stressful process and therefore many rely on attorney’s expertise in order to increase chances of success. Services of an attorney may cost you unexpectedly much, besides, there is nothing complicated in filing for bankruptcy, especially if you have all the knowledge about each step of theContinue reading

Bankruptcy. What is it?

Bankruptcy could become a great solution for those who don’t see any other way to get rid of debts and financial obligations they are unable to repay. For many, bankruptcy is the “final hope” which brings long-awaited debt relief and a chance to start everything from a blank sheet. Some chapters allow debtors eliminate theirContinue reading