“Pro se” bankruptcy vs. bankruptcy lawyer – what’s the difference?

Bankruptcy is often the last hope for those who found themselves buried under the pressure of debts. For many successful bankruptcy means the start of a new life where one can finally live fearlessly, without everyday stress caused by collectors. When made wisely, bankruptcy process writes off the debts while allows a person keep aContinue reading

Filing for bankruptcy: avoid mistakes and get your petition approval!

Filing for bankruptcy is sometimes a long and stressful process, requiring your full attention and accuracy in everything: from filling the forms to calculating the income, expenses, and debts. Needless to say, but a single mistake may cost you a refusal from the U.S. court. As a result you will be banned from the possibilityContinue reading

How to file for bankruptcy without the attorney?

Filing for bankruptcy may turn into the challenging and stressful process and therefore many rely on attorney’s expertise in order to increase chances of success. Services of an attorney may cost you unexpectedly much, besides, there is nothing complicated in filing for bankruptcy, especially if you have all the knowledge about each step of theContinue reading